Mar, 2024
Mar, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance to the seaside and the Curonian Lagoon?

Seaside is approximately 1.3km away. It can be reached by taking a beautiful pedestrian path that will take you through the pine forest of Juodkrante. The Curonian Lagoon is 200 meters away from the villa.

Do all apartments have balconies or terraces?

First floor apartments “Dune”, “Forest” and “Sea” have terraces. Second floor apartments “Amber” and “Oak” have balconies.

What can be found in the bathrooms?

All bathrooms are equipped with combed cotton towels, natural marigold shampoo and amber soap.

What can be found in the kitchen?

Each apartment has a well-equipped kitchen with induction hotplates, dishwashers, electric grills, pans, pots, food mashers, Tupperware appliances, plates, cups, cutlery and other.

Are there any services that deliver food or groceries to the apartments?

Yes. The convenient food delivery service „Barbora“ can deliver grocery orders right to the apartment door. Place an order via mobile app or website and enjoy you privacy.

Are there coffee machines?

All apartments are equipped with Nespresso coffee machines and complimentary coffee capsules so the guests can enjoy quality coffee for the whole duration of their stay.

Are there barbecue grills?

There is an electric barbecue grill in each apartment. It can be brough outside to the balcony or terrace for an enjoyable cooking experience.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Arrival time is from 15.00 onwards. Departure time is no later than 11.00.